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Former Prosecutor

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Attorney Christina Raskin represented me in a wrongful termination case against a major retailer. She always made herself available to me to answer any questions along the way. She is a hands on attorney who is involved in the process every step of the way. She is kind but forceful when needed. I am happy with the results and highly recommend her.


This attorney represented me in a CPO case in the DC Superior Court. My case got dismissed! I could not have done it without my lawyer. She went up against two lawyers with tremendous confidence and skill. I could not have been happier with the results. I have now hired her to represent me in a Custody matter. I highly recommend her.

José G.

I have known Attorney Raskin for over twenty years both personally and professionally. I know her to be an experienced and effective criminal defense attorney and an intense advocate and aggressive trial strategist. She is always well prepared and on top of her game. She worked as a prosecutor for eight years where she handled a myriad of criminal cases, including DWI and DUI cases. You are in good hands with this lawyer. I highly recommend her.

Attorney Mark R

I have known Attorney Raskin professionally for twelve years. During this time, I had an opportunity to witness Attorney Raskin's professional temperament, legal skills and communication with the Court. I assess Attorney Raskin to be a hard-working, zealous advocate who is committed to her clients and to upholding the dignity of the legal profession through her work ethic and professionalism. I recommend this lawyer without hesitation!

Attorney: Sharon W.

Attorney Raskin represented me in a co-defendant criminal case. She did an outstanding job. The case was ultimately dismissed. This was important because my case carried immigration consequences. Thank you attorney Raskin. I highly recommend her.

Saul A.

Christina Raskin was recommended to me through a friend when I was faced with a DUI charge in D.C., and I couldn't have asked for a better lawyer! The days leading up to the trial filled me with so much stress and worry, but she was there every step of the way and made me feel like a long-time friend. She accompanied me to the DMV for the hearing, as well as to the location of arrest to do an on-site survey; seeing her work in-person was truly a marvel. Don't let her kind demeanor fool you, she's a fighter! Ultimately the case was dismissed, and I cannot explain the feeling of triumph and relief once the gavel struck. Unfortunately the arrest followed me (to no fault of Christina Raskin) to my home state outside of D.C., but even then she recommended another lawyer that was able to help me where she was unable. I am so fortunate that Christina Raskin was recommended to me, and I cannot recommend her enough myself! She is well connected, professional, and truly cares about her clients. To anyone looking for the right lawyer, look no further!

Cory H.

I wholeheartedly endorse Attorney Raskin. I have known Attorney Raskin for more than 20 years. During these years, I have been on the other side of the table opposing her when she was a prosecutor. I have also handled codefendant matters with Attorney Raskin as defense counsel. She is a smart, thoughtful and highly skilled advocate both in and out of the courtroom. Attorney Raskin is a teacher to other lawyers. I highly recommend Attorney Raskin as the top choice for your defense.

Attorney Aida C.

Ms. Raskin is a passionate and zealous advocate for her clients. She is professional, honest, and will go extra the mile for all of her clients. I have had the pleasure of working along side Ms. Raskin on codefendant matters, and she makes sure that every stone is turned for her client's defense. You are in good hands with this attorney! I endorse this lawyer.

Attorney - Sweta P.

I have worked with Attorney Raskin on a number of cases, and she is an aggressive attorney who truly cares about her clients. She files a number of motions in every case and relentlessly defends her client until the government yields. I highly recommend her!

Attorney Michael B.

Attorney Raskin really delivers. If you are searching for a lawyer to vigorously and expertly defend your rights look no further. She thoroughly investigates and then goes in with both guns blazing. Attorney Raskin leaves no stone unturned.

Former Federal Prosecutor Don C.


Attorney Christina Raskin

DC Trial Attorney
Former Prosecutor for 8 years
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Welcome to Attorney Raskin’s Law Firm!

Attorney Raskin has over 20 years experience as a successful D.C. criminal trial lawyer both as a prosecutor and defense attorney. She is also experienced in civil litigation. Add to that an intense passion for fairness and protecting the rights of those disadvantaged by battling an oft merciless government behemoth. Where can you turn when your liberty is on the line? Where can you turn if you want personalized representation from someone who has a heart for you as an individual and for your specific predicament? Where can you turn if you want an attorney who is not afraid of battling it out in the brutal arena of trial? Where can you turn if the facts of your case require professional investigation to seize upon the truth? Where can you turn for that caring ally to help you through an intensely stressful ordeal? Turn to Attorney Raskin!

Unlike some firms that are legal mills juggling a multitude of cases simultaneously to generate maximum profit in minimum time, Attorney Raskin limits her practice so she can personally give your case the effort and expertise it deserves. Attorney Raskin has been described by a former FBI agent and federal prosecutor as "a relentless advocate - a bulldog that won't let go until she squeezes out every bit of justice from the system. If I was ever in trouble, Attorney Raskin would be the first person I would call. I would want her in my corner." For those who for one reason or another find themselves at odds with the "system", Attorney Raskin can help!

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